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Brief videos viewable in 6 subsections of Concepts/Overview

In these brief Video Summaries, DPV Group founder Michael Lanning introduces some of the key DPV concepts.

Consulting Overview

Helping clients achieve, and institutionalize the capabilities needed for, breakthrough profitable growth,

The DPV Group provides coaching-oriented consulting assistance to our clients in formulating market-focused strategies aimed at breakthrough, profitable growth. We also participate in a hands-on fashion in the practical details of implementation. Our services are aimed at building our clients’ capability and effectiveness in profitably differentiating themselves from their competition in ways most valued by customers. We work as a team with our clients.

As our work progresses with a client, our roles migrate. In turn we:

Educate clients in the philosophy, framework, and methodology of DPV Concepts, using proprietary Executive Education materials and rich examples drawn from many industries.

Coach cross-functional client teams to preliminarily analyze the relevant market space, then to develop fundamental strategic insights, using our systematic methodology of Becoming The Customer. We thus help the client develop hypotheses about possible breakthrough Value Propositions and preliminarily, how these might be practically and profitably delivered.

Help Analyze the costs, capability-gaps, and competitive threats inherent in the emerging possible new strategy. We also help the Teams, using quantitative research techniques as needed, to validate the nature, size, and likely profitability of the newly identified opportunities.

Help Design the Value Delivery Systems that align all functions, financial and human resources, business processes, and measurement and reward systems, to profitably provide and communicate the newly emerging Value Proposition(s).

Assist directly, in hands-on fashion as appropriate, to actually implement the new Value Delivery strategy, including helping to build organizational capabilities crucial to the strategy’s success. This can include helping develop specific new capabilities in product development, sales or service effectiveness, alliances in the relevant Value Delivery Chain, or packaging and advertising effectiveness, for example.

Participate as integral parts of the client’s management team to help them overcome obstacles and build lasting capabilities.

We work with our clients at a fundamental strategic level – helping teams to discover, design, and implement winning Value Delivery Systems. We work solely in this area. We do not provide other specialized consulting services, such as downsizing, or systems integration, although we often counsel clients on how to perform these activities n a market-focused manner, and consistent with a new value delivery strategy. Neither do we directly provide traditional marketing services, such as statistically based market research or advertising, although we do have clear points of view about how they should be conducted. Where these become vital to a project, we can help by coaching our clients’ preferred suppliers and/or other providers with whom we have developed alliances.

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