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What Others Say

  • P. Kotler, Distinguished Marketing Professor, Northwestern: “Delivering Profitable Value defines the corporate mindset that will distinguish the new millennium’s winners from the losers. Michael Lanning’s book should be required reading….”

  • N. Rackham (leading expert on Sales Force effectiveness; speaker; author Spin Selling and other): “Lanning created arguably the most important concept in history of marketing – the value proposition – and takes his seminal ideas deeper and further…[He] could justly be called the father of value delivery…[his] work has had enormous influence – not least on [my work].”

  • B. Lich Senior Vice President, Eastman Chemical Company: “…hired DPVG…several projects…very impressed with methodology & people…most dedicated, driven consulting team we’ve worked with. …coupled with intellect & diverse experience was a true asset.…In one project, after Day in the Life interviews across the chain, completely revised our segmentation and focused on [a new] solution…repositioned our new product…developed quantified value propositions for each participant in chain…net result: $50M growth opportunity with early success at major multi-national customer.”

  • C. Darnell (Former Vice-Chairman Lighting Science Grp, and Vice-Chairman Lithonia Lighting): “Our experience with DPVG was super good…extremely successful leading us into right Value Delivery Systems…DPV itself is a WOW! Concept…Invariably, discovery takes place…far better than normal interviews, sales calls, or dealing with complaints”

  • F. Vleugels (Former CEO Unipetrol, Div Mgr, Eastman Chem): “…got more than hoped… ‘out-of-box’ thinking we always want but rarely get…Many talk ‘integrated strategies’ but this work produced one…finest strategy work I’ve seen in my career…”

  • F. Geyer (GraphLogic Advisor, former CEO V-Brick, EVP Anacomp, SVP Texas Instruments): ”…my career was profoundly affected by…the DPV concepts…My success in transforming businesses [importantly] based on the new mindset, insights, & tools I acquired.”

  • Dr. W. Fraser (Former Chairman, Managing Director, Kodak Australasia): “We used the DPV course and its powerful concepts, extensively…found it outstanding – one of the very best management courses I’ve ever encountered…”

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