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Brief videos viewable in 6 subsections of Concepts/Overview

In these brief Video Summaries, DPV Group founder Michael Lanning introduces some of the key DPV concepts.

Assessment of Your Business Culture

In this section, you can first assess the extent to which your organization, in one business, struggles with the traps of the conventional business culture. You can then consider, in contrast, how close your organization gets, in that business, to applying the DPV principles for developing and profitably implementing breakthrough-growth strategies :

Trapped in the Conventional Culture? Do you recognize, in your organization, some common traits of the Internally-Driven and Customer-Compelled approaches to business strategy?

Got a Value-Delivery Culture? To what extent today already, for the business you are reviewing, does your organization essentially apply the concepts and methodology of DPV? Does your organization obtain the Market Insights it needs? Does it have a Real and Complete strategy? A Winning, Breakthrough strategy?

What Should You Do with this Assessment?

You can simply read through this Assessment (all or part) and think about the questions it tries to raise.
Or, you can download this Assessment as a PDF (click here, to download: PDF: DPV – Assessment of Your Business). You can then print out the Assessment, and answer the questions (for one or more businesses in your organization)
If your average Assessment score on the first sub-section, “Trapped in Conventional Culture?,” is above 3.0, and/or your average score on the second sub-section, “Got a Value-Delivery Culture?,” is below 3.0:

  • Your business has some ways to go before fully applying the DPV principles
  • In that case, you may wish to consider introducing and applying these principles in your organization, in pursuit of profitable breakthrough growth via deep customer understanding and disciplined delivery of superior Value Propositions.

On the other hand, if your average scores are below 3.0 on the first sub-section, and above 3.0 on the second sub-section

  • Then you are already doing well relative to the DPV concepts
  • …though you still may identify some opportunities for further improvement.
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