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Success Examples

  • We helped a major lighting manufacturer achieve its largest-ever new-product success by dramatically demonstrating that (contrary to conventional wisdom) the value of more evenly distributed, soft, comfortable light was much more important to commercial end users than the product’s technically-lower light levels.

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  • We helped a large chemical maker significantly increase the value of a new coatings additive, originally developed purely to help customers meet regulations, by discovering/showing that customers’ customers (contractors), using product with the new additive, could save costs and enhance revenues for their clients.

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  • We helped a large electronics manufacturer’s distribution arm greatly improve sales of a key high profit category by discovering that an order-management change strongly demanded by reseller-customers (and the Sales Force) was actually irrelevant to meeting the resellers’ actual, non-obvious order-management needs.

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  • We helped a commoditized paper-board maker, serving a package-converter and in turn a fruit-coop marketer, discover opportunity for a differentiated, more profitable product as part of a collaborative fruit-packing solution, by exploring and analyzing experiences downstream (including fruit retailers and consumers).

  • We helped a large software developer achieve success with a new product by teaching the team to use DPV’s discovery methodology to study experiences of corporate network end-users and IT administrators, leading to a product that significantly increased network uptime by solving network problems much faster.

DPVG has served a wide range of industries, both B2B & B2C:

Chemicals Information Technology
Financial Services Transportation & Logistics
Paper/Forest products Imaging
Pharmaceuticals Oil & Gas
Utilities Steel
Beverages Telecomm
Lighting Concrete

In these industries, DPVG has:

  • Helped over 65 corporations worldwide with the DPV methodology & concepts, via strategy Consulting & Executive Education
  • Served these clients in many locations globally, including North America, many European countries, Australia-New Zealand, SE Asia, Japan, & China
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