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Brief videos viewable in 6 subsections of Concepts/Overview

In these brief Video Summaries, DPV Group founder Michael Lanning introduces some of the key DPV concepts.

About Us

Despite very common misconceptions about the origins of the term ‘Value Proposition,’ Michael Lanning actually originated this widely used (if often also misused) concept and term, plus the ‘Value Delivery System,’ while consulting for McKinsey & Co in the 1980s.

M. Lanning and partners (mid-90s) created the related also-influential concept, ‘Customer’s Resulting Experiences,’ & the DPV discovery methodology ‘Becoming the Customer’ (studying what they do, not what they say they want).

DPVG’s professionals bring skilled application of these tools, backed by decades of senior line management experience (e.g. P&G, HP, Home Depot, Coke) consulting (including McKinsey and DPVG) and executive education.

We have served >65 corporations (and many more businesses within them) in N America, Europe, Australia, SE Asia, Japan, and China; includes B2B & B2C industries e.g. Chemicals, Telecomm, Info Tech (HW, SW, Integration), Financial Services, Imaging, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Lighting, Building & Construction, Paper, Other Forest Prods, Utilities, Concrete, Beverages, Steel, and others.

M. Lanning has taught an acclaimed executive education course based on his concepts to thousands of managers worldwide, and guest lectured at several leading graduate business schools.

The DPVG professionals are:

  • Strategically focused
    • Our core skills are in helping businesses discover, formulate and implement integrated total-chain strategies aimed at breakthrough profitable growth
    • Most recently our work focuses on helping clients discover and act now on non-obvious new opportunities for innovation in value delivery, created or catalyzed by the current Downturn
    • We are thought leaders in value delivery strategy: first created the seminal value-delivery concepts; developed the systematic DPV methodology for marketplace discovery; and wrote the definitive book on value-delivery 
  • Able to both contribute directly to clients’ new strategies, and to help build their strategic capabilities
    • We have long track records for creative discovery and recognition of non-obvious strategic opportunities, as line managers and as strategy consultants
    • We are skilled coaches, dedicated to helping organizations build the capabilities to creatively discover, formulate and implement breakthrough strategies
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