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Brief videos viewable in 6 subsections of Concepts/Overview

In these brief Video Summaries, DPV Group founder Michael Lanning introduces some of the key DPV concepts.

Creatively Explore the Market

A better method for discovering real insights – The DPV approach begins the process of strategic exploration and rejuvenation with a unique methodology called becoming the customer. This approach is designed to avoid both the Internally-Driven and Customer-Compelled traps and mistakes reinforced by the conventional paradigm. Becoming the customer helps organizations think outside of both these boxes. It is a systematic, deep study of the behavior and experiences of your customers, to uncover and creatively infer non-obvious strategic insights.

In the DPV approach, this is done by capturing virtual “videos” of current typical experiences customers have now – a series of “days in the life” of customers. This Video One considers what happens today. The business then discovers and imagines a significantly better, but potentially feasible, “Video Two.” This method aims to help managers inferentially conceive the potentially most valuable experiences for customers, even though the customers themselves often have no inkling, yet, of those potentially better experiences.

Video: Becoming the Customer

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The DPV Methodology for Creative Strategic Discovery Via Deep Customer Engagement


Why This Methodology Works Better Than The Usual Approaches

  • Helps discover what customers/others would value
  • Not Internally-Driven – explores experiences, not how to sell
  • Nor Customer-Compelled- infers from what they do, not say
  • Works on end-user entities far out on the chain
  • Searches for dramatic improvements. pathways to major growth
  • Beyond insights, often strengthens and deepens relationships

A Different Method For Studying Customers


Present what we do and why it’s great Ask them what to do to make them happy Deeply understand what they do and why
Uncover & answer customer’s objections (to our product) Ask what features and services, at what price, they require Creatively infer what experiences would be most valuable to them
Sales Force presents out pitch to buyers and influencers Sales Force asks buyers/ influencers to specify requirements Joint teams study customer’s multi-functional experiences
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