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Brief videos viewable in 6 subsections of Concepts/Overview

In these brief Video Summaries, DPV Group founder Michael Lanning introduces some of the key DPV concepts.

Exec Ed Benefits

Not just another business course! After the DPV Breakthrough-Growth Seminar, why do senior R&D and General Managers say things like…

…outstanding – in fact one of the very best management courses I’ve ever encountered.” A former Senior General Manager in a major corporation
…my career was profoundly affected by attending Mike Lanning’s seminar…My success in transforming businesses is largely based on the new mindset I acquired, the insights I gained, and the tools I learned.” CEO of a fast growing high-tech firm and former senior manager in two major corporations
I’ve been taking classes and seminars for over 15 years, here and in my previous company, and this is the best single course I ever had on overall running the business and managing R&D and marketing with a useful customer perspective.” – A highly experienced R&D Manager

What are the beneficial ‘Resulting Experiences’ of participating in this dynamic, interactive Seminar?

  • Gain a fundamentally new perspective on business strategy
    • Recognize and understand the Internally-Driven and Customer-Compelled characteristics of your business culture
      • Internally-Driven: making and selling what we think we’re good at (regardless of the value actually delivered to customers)
      • Customer-Compelled: requesting and following detailed input from customers (regardless of the value actually delivered to them)
    • Discover and adopt the genuinely market-focused alternative, DPV
      • Identify real end-users, the entities most crucial in your customer-Chain
      • ‘Become’ these entities, discover the Experiences they would most value
      • Shape these insights into a breakthrough, real Value Proposition
      • Creatively redesign your business, integrating all functions and resources, to profitably deliver that breakthrough Value Proposition
  • Be among the first to learn and start applying our conceptually ground-breaking new findings on profitably generating new growth in mature, seemingly stagnant, commoditized markets and categories
  • See, through our research, how and why high-tech businesses often squander their best opportunities and actually inhibit growth by adhering to various Internally-Driven assumptions and strategic myths (such as the immutability of the new-technology adoption curve)
  • Understand why DPV is dramatically more effective than the conventional paradigms, for generating non-obvious, new insights that can produce dramatic profitable growth; then see and discuss this contrast in a series of vivid case examples
  • Simultaneously participate in an in-depth workshop, iteratively progressing during the Seminar, applying the DPV methodology to your business
    • Learn to ‘become the customer,’ capturing an analytical ‘Video One’ and creatively inferring insights for an improved ‘Video Two’
    • Try translating these insights into a meaningful strategic choice – a real Value Proposition, and then a complete Value Delivery System
  • Learn to identify and analyze the challenges of new resources and capabilities required by a new value-delivery strategy
  • Learn to eschew the common and wasteful ‘backwards’ approach to market segmentation (i.e., first segmenting customers by numerous demographic and behavioral variables, then developing Value Propositions for each supposed segment) and instead learn to segment strategically, with a value-delivery focus (i.e., first analyzing customers and identifying the Value Propositions most appropriate to them, and then grouping them accordingly)
  • Benefit from expert, hands-on coaching throughout the workshops
  • Frequently discover new insights about your business during the Seminar, and always develop a realistic path forward to apply DPV afterwards
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