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Brief videos viewable in 6 subsections of Concepts/Overview

In these brief Video Summaries, DPV Group founder Michael Lanning introduces some of the key DPV concepts.

What People Say

The DPV Concepts:

Professor Philip Kotler – Professor of International  Marketing, Kellogg Graduate School Of Management, Northwestern University:

Delivering Profitable Value defines the corporate mindset that will distinguish the new millennium’s winners from the losers.  Michael Lanning’s book should be required reading….”

Neil Rackham – The ‘Professor of Professional Selling,’ creator and author of Spin Selling, Rethinking the Sales Force:

“Important business books are a rarity and this one is a gem. Lanning created arguably the most important concept in history of marketing  – the value proposition – and here takes his seminal ideas deeper and further…[He] could justly be called the father of value delivery…[his] work has had enormous influence – not least on [my work].”

Consulting by The DPV Group:

Charles Darnell – Vice-Chairman Lighting Science Grp, Former SVP Acuity Lighting

  • “Our experience with DPVG was super good…extremely successful leading us into the right Value Delivery Systems…
  • DPV itself is a WOW! Concept…Invariably, discovery takes place…far better than normal interviews, sales calls, or dealing with complaints”
  • Brad Lich – Vice President/GM, CASPI Division, Eastman Chemical Company

  • “…hired DPVG for several projects…very impressed with methodology & people…most dedicated, driven consulting team we’ve worked with…coupled with intellect & diverse experience was a true asset.…
  • “In one project, after Day in the Life interviews across the chain, completely revised our segmentation and focused on [a new] solution…[thus] revamped a resin program… repositioned our new product…developed quantified value propositions for each participant in chain…net result: $50M growth opportunity with early success at major multi-national customer.”
  • James C. Tyrone – SVP Appleton; former SVP, MeadWestvaco and NewPage

  • DPVG successfully challenged us to think outside the box …Their DPV framework helped us engage our channel partners, in detail, on what we expect of them, and how that relates to the value to be provided to their customers, the final users of our product.
  • “Their “Video One” approach – creating a virtual video of the customer interacting with our products and services – brought to life the benefits that our customers value, and the problems that they value avoiding. This technique made it easier for us to understand why customers ask for certain things. It also made it easier to see opportunities for us to add value that we had not recognized before.
  • “The ‘solutions’ we arrived at were practical and aspirational. I attribute that to the level of interaction of DPVG with our organization and with our customers, and to the depth and breadth of the practical experience that DPVG brought to the project.”
  • François T. Vleugels – Former CEO Unipetrol, former Div Mgr, Eastman Chemical

  • “Our projects with DPVG explored for new strategic ideas, looking into our direct customers, their customers, end-users, complementors, distributors, retailers, and others. We used DPVG’s very insightful method of ‘becoming the customer’ in visiting and studying players in the chain, then helped us convert this exploration into a comprehensive strategic plan, using their ‘Value Delivery’ framework.
  • “Supporting all the above, they use very senior people with many years experience growing businesses and helping clients.
  • “Many people talk about developing “integrated strategies” that encompass “the whole value chain,” but often don’t really understand what that means, and don’t deliver. This work actually produced such a strategy, and I feel it is the finest strategy work I have seen in my whole career…”

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