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In these brief Video Summaries, DPV Group founder Michael Lanning introduces some of the key DPV concepts.

Getting Started with DPV

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DPV Group & discuss your organization’s situation with Founder Michael Lanning or another DPVG Senior Director. We’ll help you identify the potential of applying DPV in your business, by executive education and/or strategy consulting, as appropriate.

Below we pose some strategic questions about your organization. Perhaps some of your answers are negative. Or, if after considering these questions, you’re unsure, try analyzing your business in more depth. If you conclude that you have doubts about your business’ value delivery strategies & capabilities, contact & discuss these questions with us. Together we can explore whether there are opportunities for DPV Group to help your organization dramatically strengthen its profitable delivery of superior value.

Are your businesses’ value-delivery strategies as clear as they need to be? Are your organization’s capabilities to implement and further evolve or reinvent these strategies strong enough? For example, if your business(es) supply products/services into complex, commoditized chains:

  • Does your organization do a great job exploring markets for more profitable opportunities, to:
    • Discover non-obvious insights into what customers (& their customers’) would potentially most value, by studying their behaviors, experiences, and competing alternatives?
    • And not primarily ask customers to tell you what they ‘want’ & to provide direction?
  • Is it quite clear to you and your leadership team:
    • What superior value proposition (VP) each business tries to profitably deliver to customers?
    • How you enable customers to more profitably deliver superior value to their customers?
  • If superior, profitable VPs are clear to you & your team:
    • Does everyone in the organization understand & see those VPs as their highest priority?
    • Does your organization effectively provide & communicate these VPs to customers?
    • Including convincing customers that your business can help them deliver better VPs further down the business chain, to their customers?

If you confidently answer ‘yes’ to the above, congratulations! If ‘not so much’… let’s talk:

To contact us, email us at: contact@dpvgroup.com

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