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Brief videos viewable in 6 subsections of Concepts/Overview

In these brief Video Summaries, DPV Group founder Michael Lanning introduces some of the key DPV concepts.

Exec Ed Overview

Determine if your business, like most:

  • Studies customers, but finds no breakthrough insights
  • Has written statements called “Value Propositions” but has not chosen Real & Complete Value Propositions
  • Has no real Value Delivery Strategy

… and if so, learn why & how to do something about it
This two-day program (also available in one-day and half day versions) offers a unique, comprehensive general-management approach to developing breakthrough strategic insights

Led by author and consultant Michael J. Lanning, original creator of the world-renowned strategic concept the Value Proposition and the comprehensive value-delivery methodology and framework, and founder of consultancy The DPV Group, LLC with help in some programs from other members of DPVG.

  • The Profitable Growth Strategies seminar is a dynamic, interactive experience, based on a powerful, fundamentally different but practical methodology and framework for generating breakthrough profitable growth.
  • The course uses a wide range of case illustrations, drawing on Michael’s 30 years’ experience as: a Procter & Gamble brand manager, McKinsey strategy consultant, author, and leader of his own consulting and executive education firm serving clients worldwide. Also uses extensive experience of other DPVG members
  • The two-day seminar also involves an in-depth application workshop, allowing participants to simulate development of a real value-delivery strategy.

Objectives :

Profitable Growth Strategies Using Value Delivery will show participants how they can redefine and creatively manage their businesses to profitably deliver superior customer-experiences, rather than just make and sell products/services, using Internally-Driven and Customer-Compelled criteria. The program takes participants through these key steps:

  • Understanding the often long and complex chains of supplier-customer relationships as Value Delivery Chains, focusing on the truly pivotal players – the primary entities
  • Discovering and analyzing market insights by becoming, not merely listening to customers
  • Interpreting these insights by choosing winning Value Propositions, and designing how to provide and communicate them – profitably
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